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Design Details: Going the Extra Mile

Renowned architect and furniture designer Charles Eames once said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.”

It’s a fitting description for our process at David Hopkins Design. From the angle of the house to frame the view, to a beautifully designed dropped ceiling that makes the space more comfortable, every detail in our homes is thoughtfully planned.

Each detail serves a purpose, whether it’s to make the home more practical or whether it’s to add an artistic touch. But our role, as home designers, is to make sure no detail calls attention to itself. It’s the harmony of all those design details that makes the space feel right.

How the Details Work Together

Often times, the site itself — the beautiful view or the surrounding nature — becomes a design element.
In this home project, for example, the sweeping view of Colvos Passage on Puget Sound played center stage. Seven-foot-tall windows were a natural choice for the living room. Yet that presented a challenge: How do we add a TV set while retaining the view?

The solution was an “invisible” screen. It hides in a special box, just above the windows, that was designed to blend in with other features. The screen comes down at the push of a button and the room instantly changes function.

The clients wanted vaulted ceilings, so we added a “cloud” — floating, lowered ceiling panels — to keep the space intimate and cozy. This feature then served a dual purpose for mounting speakers and lighting.

With some clever and creative thinking, we preserved the view while adding function to the design. The challenge was solved successfully by planning thoughtfully and using details to our advantage.

Practicality and Beauty Go Hand in Hand

Many people think of practical as a “no frills,” strictly utilitarian design. We disagree. Practical and functional can be synonymous with beauty when you design strategically.

The multilayered experience of this home begins in the driveway and continues through every room. With the spectacular views as a backdrop enjoyed from multiple locations inside, the home provides both a private sanctuary and a welcoming setting for entertaining. Asian-inspired art and modern furnishings add to the elegance.

What guests may not realize, however, is that behind all this elegance is a home defined by sustainable and practical features.

From solar water and heat and low-maintenance materials, to camouflaged appliances, details work in the background to fit the clients’ lifestyle and personality.

That’s why going the extra mile for us starts with getting to know our clients intimately. The details are not just about the design of the space. They are about the people who’ll call the space home.

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