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A process of self-discovery

The design process reveals who you are. What makes you tick? What delights you? What gives you peace, joy and satisfaction? Every project explores these things.

Experienced guides
to a complex process

We’re experienced at helping families navigate this journey of discovery that brings you, in the end, to your perfect home.

designed to perfection,
what’s next?

Modern engineering has enabled us to create homes that are completely integrated with their environments.

A grand fireplace spans living room and terrace, where your guests watch the ships come in, warmed by the fire. A wine cellar built into the living rock preserves your treasured collection.

A great room is constructed with a nearly invisible fourth wall, with a vaulted ceiling that seems magically suspended above an expanse of glass so the sun can glisten off the Puget Sound and reflect on your wine glass in the kitchen.

Well conceived, intelligent design work and exceptional craftsmanship appeal to every generation, whether you're entertaining guests, raising a family, or celebrating life at the close of a successful career. And each client's needs are unique.

We offer comprehensive, thoughtful design-build services to discerning homeowners up and down the West Coast.

Founder David Hopkins, said to have the ability to see and feel the possibilities of a structure, began his career as a painter. He soon discovered architectural design and pursued the vocation with all of his artist's passion.

Experience and confidence drive the design team to innovate and push for passion.

We know that the outcome will be exceptional design. So now the whole team focuses on creating a profound, even soulful, design experience for our clients.

Our design service is holistic and all-encompassing.

We provide early assistance and pre-design development to assist clients in assembling the appropriate pieces before diving too far into real estate decisions.

Throughout the process, designer and construction manager work closely with each other. The construction manager provides building and budget input from the very beginning of the process,  allowing the design to develop in alignment with the clients' goals and the building team's extraordinary capabilities. 

As the project continues, throughout construction the construction team maintains continuous awareness of the design intent throughout all phases of the project.

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