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Design and Construction
in harmony

Merging design and the construction process is at the heart of our expertise.

By combining creative and original design with artisan building practices and quality authentic materials we are able to build homes that are personal, original and perfectly embrace your vision and style.

Feats of engineering enable
great design.

When you work with a design-build firm posessed of great engineering capabilities, even the design process itself is transformed.

Bold ideas and daring structures become feasible. Dramatic forms become real possibilities. The dream of owning a truly unique home becomes real.

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a home is more than a structure:

Strong leadership and a single point of contact

Traditionally, real estate agents, designers and contractors are hired separately, leaving families with the major task and responsibility of coordinating information and services.

We provide our clients with a single point of contact, so you can relax and put the entire process in the hands of an expert team.

We reliably deliver true artisan craftspeople, quality far exceeding industry best practices, solid construction, sustainable and green methods, as part of each construction project of any size.


Design without limits

We have spent our careers mastering a variety of techniques and approaches, from building with nonconforming and difficult materials that others cannot manage, to traveling the world for new and culturally inspired ideas. We keep abreast of the latest innovations in concrete, wood and steel. And we maintain a network of craftspeople and recognized masters of their trades who can help us meet the most challenging elements of any design vision.

Creative vision, unique insight and the enthusiastic desire to move beyond the expected are the extra ingredients that make our team sought after by home owners throughout the Puget Sound.

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