June 30, 2016


Much too often, a home-building project is approached in pieces — the architects and builders are focused on the home design while the landscape is left for later. And even if a landscape designer can make the outdoor space look magical on its own, it’s like taking the work of two different artists — you end up with a collage rather than a complete painting.

Holistic design calls for new approach

At David Hopkins Design, we don’t see a boundary between the indoors and the outdoors. For us, the landscape is one of the elements to be incorporated as we design the entire site. Creating an invisible transition and cohesiveness between the inside and outside living spaces requires that we consider the entire site simultaneously. That is why we call it holistic design.

An extension to the home

The landscaping doesn’t simply serve to complement the design of the home. It’s an extension of the home — one that gives us unique opportunities to play off the natural beauty of the land. It’s not impossible, of course, to create this extension as an afterthought. But the result is bound to feel artificial.

We incorporate the landscape into the design process for the same reason we design furniture. Our concept doesn’t just show a story of how all the elements — materials, colors, lighting, furnishings — interact. It also envisions how they cohesively flow to the outdoors together.

Using inspiration boards

Inspiration boards that we create early in the design process allow our clients to understand the vision. They can conceptualize how the entire site fits their lifestyles, dreams and aesthetic preferences, both indoors and out.

Each client’s goals are different but many appreciate our strong belief in sustainability. In the landscaping, that frequently translates to a design that embraces the Northwest and calls for plants that are hardy, rugged and drought-tolerant.

Capturing the beauty of nature

That’s what guided our choices in this project. Drawing on inspiration from the majesty of Mount Rainier — which can be seen in the backdrop — we wanted to capture the feel of the upland water that flows over and meanders through the rocks. At the same time, the natural look helps to soften the modern design of the home.

Never waiver

What we found is that painting the entire canvas at the beginning gives us much better control over the quality of the project. So we marry ourselves to the idea that none of the components can be divided — and we simply never waiver from it.

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