October 21, 2016


We want a space that will withstand the test of time — which is why we generally don’t believe in trendy ideas.

Defined as “something that is currently popular or fashionable,” trends often fade quickly. That means the homeowner will be compelled to remodel every few years so the home doesn’t feel dated.

Now and then, however, a trend comes along that complements modern lifestyles while allowing us to fuse classic and contemporary elements into design that has staying power.

A flexible room is one of those trends. It’s similar to the idea of an open-concept design (such as the “great room”), which disregards traditional thinking that a room is defined by four walls.

Flexible rooms are spaces designed for multiple purposes

Many homeowners are looking for smaller footprints. This is partly driven by the cost of square footage or the burden of maintaining a large space, and partly by the desire to live more sustainably and green.

Flexible rooms are the perfect solution because they can be easily transformed into a different room.

Typically, people think of flexible rooms as a space that will serve one purpose for some time than be converted to another purpose without the need for a makeover or remodel.

We extend that definition a bit further. We also see flexible rooms as spaces designed to serve multiple purposes simultaneously, giving the homeowner the ability to switch from one functionality to the next almost instantly.

Office by day, bedroom by night

This master bedroom illustrates that approach. It’s a flexible room that serves as a guest suite, complete with a work desk and gorgeous views. When there are no guests, part of the room becomes the homeowner’s office.

The client wanted to maximize the use of the square footage. At the same time, she wanted her office to feel connected to the rest of the home, and especially the kitchen.

To achieve those requirements, we designed a spacious hallway to connect from the office area of the bedroom to the kitchen pantry. The pantry itself is unique — it doesn’t actually look like a pantry and includes a view window and an attractive bar.

When the client uses the office, she can close the curtain to the bedroom. Her space feels private and tucked away — a casual observer would get no hint that the flour is just two feet away, behind the door!

Flexibility in our design approach

As home designers, we remain open-minded through the entire client journey, and we look for ideas that are out of the box. That’s the reason we embraced flexible rooms rather than dismissing them as fads.

Just as flexible rooms offer the ability to easily transform one area into another, our flexible approach allows us to embrace new ideas on the fly and pivot into new directions. That’s how great home design comes to life.

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