David Hopkins Design


David Hopkins Design, CEO

As the founding principal, with more than 25 years experience designing and building artful and iconic homes, David Hopkins has the innate ability to see, and feel, the possibilities of a structure; to innovate beyond the walls.

David Hopkins Design is an award-winning team that specializes in luxury architectural design. Based near Seattle, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the team specializes in creating iconic homes from start to finish — from architectural design to landscape and furniture design.

Every Hopkins Design home is a unique work of art that is the result of a journey the design team takes with the client. This profound, even soulful, design experience is what brings clients back — as well as their friends.

The Hopkins team understands that a true home is not just about aesthetics, it’s about living fully. They achieve these spaces by combining and using design and materials in new and unexpected ways. Using a collaborative process with their clients, they create original and authentic design that can stand the test of time.

Relentless in overachieving and meeting client expectations, the David Hopkins Design Group is not afraid to push clients beyond their comfort zones and to use their creative freedom to push the design envelope. The results of this collaboration are astonishing homes that are infused with unique and innovative features.

The firm draws from extensive experiences in architectural design, construction as well as landscape design and furniture design. This holistic view leads to spaces where all the elements, both indoors and outdoors, flow seamlessly and in harmony with nature and with each other. Sustainability is a key aspect of their work.

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